Become Confident by Clearing Your Mind

Your mind is your most valuable asset. What you fill it with will determine if you have a good asset or a bad asset. Just like anything in life you will have your ups and downs, but in this article I want to show you how to stay level-headed in the bad times and enjoy the good times.

Image  Courtesy: Eduard Titov
Positive thinking and affirmations are techniques used to increase a person's confidence. They simply think only of the positive and say things like "I am a confident and valuable person" (affirmation). These techniques have been used for years and they are highly effective, but sometimes being positive is very hard to be when you are in a really bad situation. For example, if I just got fired and have no way to support myself or my family, the last thing I will say to myself is "I am a confident and valuable person". The reason why I lost my job is because the company didn't value my work and my ego will be bruised due to the fact that I have no way to support myself. This is when clearing your mind is needed. You want to take that bad experience and find a solution not dwell on the problem. You want to think of options not obstacles. Clearing your mind doesn't always have to be in bad situations. You could have a winning streak and you could clear your mind so you won't have the weeds of doubt popping up in your head. You want to focus on winning and not on losing. To clear your mind it's very simple, but it does take practice to master. This is           something that every martial arts practitioner aims for--a clear mind. Let's begin.
1. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. You could sit in a meditation pose or sit up in a chair.
Note: Your aim is to clear your mind, not fall asleep so you may not really want to lay down unless you are trying to clear your mind to go to sleep.
2. Shut off your thoughts as much as possible. If a thought enters your head, don't focus on it. Let it phase out. This is where the challenge lies. One of the mind's jobs is to send thoughts to your head. You are actually going against nature. Your mind should be in a state of "calm but ready", not focused on thinking. This actually helps you control your thinking later on.
3. Breathe in and out through your nose as you normally would. Your breathing pattern should be steady and consistent. This is not a deep breathing exercise either. Your breathing should be natural. Practice this because it will make the affirmations and positive thinking exercises work for sure. In the next article, I will show you how the importance of breathing naturally improves confidence. But for now just practice breathing naturally.
4. Do this exercise throughout the day to get you use to doing this. You will need the practice. It could take 5-10 minutes or it could take as long as an hour. It is up to you for how long you can do this. Make sure that you take breaks whenever you feel discomfort.
This may not be your idea of how to build confidence, but confidence starts by having a clear mind. When your mind is clear, your vision is clear. A clear vision and focus is what takes you from where you are to where you want to be. Give this exercise a try and look out for my next article--How to Successfully Use Positive Thinking. In my next article I'm going to show you how to add positive thinking to this exercise to increase your confidence.

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