Administrative Resume Cover Letter - Get Hired in One Week

By: Casey Alexander

"How can you get hired in a week?" The resume and the administrative cover letter alone don't do it.  Yes they help but ultimately it's the person they meet that seals the relationship, after all that's really what their looking at.  "Can we maintain a relationship with this individual?" that's what their asking when they interview.  I'll share a little here of what I did.

  • Don't take me wrong about your resume and your cover letter. They are important, especially the way you present yourself on your administrative resume cover letter.  What's more important is to give a great resume cover letter and then deliver on that letter.

  • For me, getting hired in a week involved talking to some people and paying attention to what I see when I visit the place. I'll use an excuse, if the place isn't to out of the way, I stop bye to see if they are still accepting resumes for the position.  I like to visit the place before I submit to get a feel for the atmosphere.  Is it fast paced?  Can I fit into it?  Does it seem to be a place I want to work in?

  • People at the front desk can give you a lot of information. This would be the right time to ask for who would be the appropriate person to address the administrative cover letter too and what time is the easiest part of the day for that person.  I'll share why below.  Once I have this information, I start my cover letter.

  • I like to state on my letter that I've visited the location. Why?  I feel that it shows initiative and real interest.  Delivering a hard copy of my resume and accompanying administrative resume cover letter, in person is also something I like to do.   Here's why, I like to go at the time I was told is not so busy for the person interviewing.  If possible hand it to them in person and hopefully leave an impression.

  • Going back to the administrative resume cover letter, it can be a challenge to write. I know what I want to say but how do I say it?  I find it useful to use the cover letter program I got and use a template related to the industry I'm applying in.  After this I simply input my key phrases, where I ask them to review certain parts of my resume.  I like to do this to make sure they turn the page and read the resume.  I find that giving them a specific part of the resume to read always brings it up on the interview.

Once at the interview, it's time to deliver.  Getting hired in a week isn't a perfect science but it can be done.  Taking aggressive steps to express my interest worked well for me.

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In my experience, a strong cover letter has made a difference between landing the interview and not. That's the first step, right? I catch the reader with the knowledge I have of their organization and a few other key tips I learned to incorporate into my letter. I've helped my sister and brothers with their letter and they've also landed the jobs. What I picked made a difference on how I put together a resume cover letter.

Administrative Resume Cover Letter
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